Straight Dope On Life Jackets

Tai Au, an avid tournament bass angler and an agent for Liberty Mutual Insurance, has been following the news about the missing angler in Florida carefully. Because he is one of the founders of a [...]

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Winter Paddletail Swimbait Tactics

Less is more sometimes for Jimmy Mason when he fishes paddletail swimbaits in the winter. The Alabama guide frequently loads up an Alabama rig with multiple paddletail swimbaits to trick [...]

Fallen Through The Ice? What To Do?

The best way to avoid falling through is to not go out on the ice at all. But for those of us in the north who live and recreate outdoors… we will eventually find ourselves on the ice. Ice [...]

Dressing Right for Each Fishing Season

Regardless of the season, the clothing an angler chooses to wear will greatly impact the quality of their time on the water. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about dressing properly in [...]

Catching Fall Smallmouth on Northern Waters

When Terry Jones takes his clients on guide trips in the fall, he offers them plenty of options for catching smallmouth bass. The New York guide offers smallmouth trips on Lake Erie, Lake [...]

Unlocking Summer to Fall Transition

The temperature day after day continues to fall along with the water level on the Tennessee River.  The shad are starting to migrate tot the mouths and secondary points in the creeks.  This is [...]

Late-Season Buzzbaits

If you’ve put away your buzzbaits because the water is getting “too cool,” you’ve made a mistake. I’ve caught more bass on buzzbaits in 50-degree water than I have 70-degree temperatures, yet [...]

Fishing Knots

The Improved Clinch Knot (A general purpose fishing knot) The Uniknot One of the best all purpose fishing knots!   Palomar Knot The Palomar fishing knot is a general-purpose connection used [...]

Lipless Crankbaits

My first introduction to lipless crankbaits was when I won twenty of them in a raffle on Lake Cayuga in upstate New York. The following week I tried in vain to catch fish with this noisy, skinny [...]

How to Fish Weedlines/Grasslines with Hank Parker

Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and I’m here with Hank Parker for another episode of Hank Parker’s Fishing Tips. This week’s question, Hank, it comes [...]

Jacob Wheeler On Pitching Soft Plastics

When Jacob Wheeler was a boy, he knew he would have to work on his mechanics to become a successful pro angler.    Wheeler knew one of the pros’ tactics he would have to master was the art of [...]

Mark Davis on Line Choices

Mark Davis depends on a variety of line sizes and types for the bass fishing tactics he uses on the tournament trail. A lure and rod-and-reel combo rank first and second in Bassmaster Elite [...]

Picking The Right Hook

Selecting the correct hook when fishing soft plastic baits is a rather simple choice, but one that can dramatically impact your lure’s action and your hooking percentage. Based on the size [...]

Carolina Rigging With Jeff Sprague

Jeff Sprague keeps his rod tip low while dragging a Carolina rig to keep his weight in contact with the bottom. Whether he’s practicing for or competing in a tournament, Jeff Sprague relies on [...]

Slip-Bobber Walleyes

COMMENTS MN fishing guide Justin Bailey: Because sometimes we just need to go back to our roots. > Search out land points or shallow bars with steep breaks where deep water meets shallow [...]

Boating Pre-Trip Checklist

Routine: A prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure. When preparing for a day on the water, routine can be your best friend. Before a routine becomes [...]

Weedless Topwater Tactics

It’s topwater time for most of the country and for some anglers it’s been good for over a month now. At some point for everyone vegetation will be too thick for most top water [...]

Setting Tournament Goals

Tournament season is over for most of us now. Anglers who qualified have competed in final championships and we’re all looking forward to the next season. Now is the time to evaluate what [...]

Refine Your Tactics This Spring

I love fishing this time of year. You can fish with just about any method you prefer, and finding active fish isn’t a big problem. However, catching quality bass consistently can be a challenge. [...]

Chillin’ With Jerkbaits

When guide Gerry Gostenik and I pulled into the parking lot at Elizabeth Park at the mouth of the Detroit River the parking lot was jam packed with boats and trailers. But it was safe to say that [...]

Pick the Right Lures For Spring

Lure selection is a dilemma anglers face each spring, especially after a winter spent loading tackle boxes with promising new lures. Spring bass can be less particular about the baits they [...]

Bandit: PreSpawn Crankbait Tips

Early spring brings some of the best shallow crankbait fishing of the year to many rivers and lakes as bass move shallow to feed just prior to spawning. These tips can help you crank up more [...]

Storm ArAshi Spinbait’s Slow Shimmy and Horizontal Fall Trigger Bites.

When pressured bass won’t give your bait a second look, show ‘em something they’ve never seen before. Throw ‘em a Storm® Arashi® Spinbait. “Subtle differences can be key,” says six-time [...]

Fish Attractants, Are They Really Worth It?

There has been a lot of controversy over “Fish Attractants” or otherwise known as “Fish Scents”. In the past, I’ve noticed that many of my former bass angling [...]

Lipless Crankbaits

My first introduction to lipless crankbaits was when I won twenty of them in a raffle on Lake Cayuga in upstate New York. The following week I tried in vain to catch fish with this noisy, skinny [...]

Sufix Performance Braid

06/18/2013 It’s hard to fish around heavy vegetation and thick cover without a quality braided line. I’m a big believer in using braided line and I’ve experimented with it for a long time. For [...]

How To Handle Pressured Lakes

A problem facing today’s anglers is the indignant behavior bass develop when confronted with heavy fishing pressure. Unquestionably, a constant bombardment of lures and steady boat traffic can [...]

Jonathon VanDam’s Five Favorite Smallmouth Lures

Two Bassmaster tournament victories have enhanced Jonathon VanDam’s fondness for smallmouth bass.    The Kalamazoo, Mich., pro developed his affection for brown bass while fishing in his home [...]

Catching Smallmouth In Streams

Fishing streams for smallmouth bass offers a small-water alternative for bass anglers on a strict budget.    “Anybody can afford an old pair of torn-up tennis shoes (for wading),” said Jack Uxa, [...]

Practice, Practice, Practice

Well bass season has ended and for some it’s time to go hunting; for others cabin fever sets in. There are many things you can do to improve your fishing instead of sitting around dreaming [...]

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